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Honored Collective of the Republic of Belarus Folklore Group “Kupalinka”

The creative credo of the folklore group “Kupalinka” is the revival and popularization of the national folk song art of Belarus.

The collective began its creative activity in 1966 as a female vocal quartet, whose poetic name was given to the famous Belarusian folk song “Kupalinka”. The People’s artist of the USSR Gennady Ivanovich Tsitovich was its creator and spiritual father. The quartet “Kupalinka” is a recognized master of vocal culture, winner of all-union and international competitions and festivals.

In 1986, the artistic director of the collective, People’s artist of Belarus Elena Sergeevna Telkova, in search of new creative opportunities, fundamentally changed the appearance of “Kupalinka”, taking as a basis a free form of performance, combining mixed singing with instrumental accompaniment. It was a time marked by the search for a distinctive stage form, the movement towards artistic perfection and deepening into the essence of folk tradition.

Today, the folklore group “Kupalinka”, the collective of the Belarusian State Philharmonic Society, is in demand in the country and abroad. It brilliantly introduced and continues to represent national art with thousands of concerts throughout Belarus; as part of state international events in Russia, the Baltic States, Korea, Finland, Great Britain, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Austria, India, Canada, Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium, France, Yugoslavia, Italy, Syria, Denmark, China; at the international exhibition “EXPO” in Montreal, Hanover, Milan, Urumqi, Dubai, the days of culture of Minsk in Estonia, Finland – almost all over the world.

The folklore group “Kupalinka” under the leadership of the People’s artist of Belarus Elena Telkova was awarded the honorary title “Honored collective of the Republic of Belarus” for a significant contribution to the popularization and development of Belarusian culture and art, long-term creative activity and high professional performing skills,

Through creativity, the folklore group “Kupalinka” preserves, revives and popularizes the traditions and customs of the Belarusian people, promotes spiritual revival and exalted relations to everything native with its art.

Artistic Director – Anna Stepankova
Phones: +375 17 348 66 61; +375 29 705 45 86