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Philharmonic for Children and Youth

The Philharmonic for children and youth of the Belarusian State Philharmonic Society is more than 50 years old. This unique group that unites highly professional singers, instrumentalists, readers and musicologists, has no analogues in the former Soviet Union. Almost half of the creative staff are winners and laureates of prestigious international competitions, among them the singers Svetlana Starodetko, Dina Truhan-Bogdanova, Anna Yankovskaya, Galina Sokolnik, Tamara Remez, Valentina Dobrovolskaya, Anzhelika Saverchenko, Svetlana Evtukh, Vladislav Danilovich, Sergey Dolgushev, Kirill Starostenko, Maxim Obrovets, Viktor Kedalo, domra – player Natalia Zmitrovich, flute player Evgeny Vidanov, cymbals player Gennady Klimovich, clarinet player Andrey Dergay, concertmasters Elena Lusan, Tatiana Lesun, Julia Arkhangelskaya, Marina Romeiko, Sergey Voynitsky, lector-musicologist Svetlana Voronova, artist of conversation genre Zinaida Feoktistova, stage director Tatiana Mozhar. The creative youth is presented by the unique specialists, many of whom are scholars of the Special Presidential Fund of the Republic of Belarus.

Today we are proud to have in the staff of the Philharmonic for children and youth the old stagers of the Philharmonic scene – the master of artistic expression Nikolai Kozinin, concertmasters Anatoly Teltsov, Natalia Maximova, composers Vladimir Savchik, Valentina Serykh, Leonid Shurman, singers Tatiana Gromova, Natalia Berezina, Vladimir Babiy, readers-musicologists Anatoly Poretsky and Alla Agarkova. All of these skilled craftsmen are the guardians of our artistic traditions and help to maintain their continuity.

The main activity of the Philharmonic for children and youth is directed to the musical education of children and youth, the instillation among children and youth of the musical, artistic and aesthetic taste. To achieve this aim, a specific system has been established: several times a month we go to different schools and perform concerts there. This is usually the concerts – lectures of so-called creative teams, when in addition to the host and musicologist there are singers and instrumentalists, accompanied by the concertmaster. The repertoire of each of these groups contains a variety of musical and educational programs for kids, pupils of secondary school age and high school students. This kind of work has its own result. At the end of the school year the children behave quite differently during concerts, they listen to music intelligently. It is through on-site work and involved a young student in a Philharmonic concert halls, where is a lot of concerts for children. Due to such exit work a young visitor is attracted to the Philharmonic concert halls, where a lot of concerts for children take place.

Every year the soloist of the Philharmonic for children and youth hold more than 400 concerts and performances in Minsk and Minsk region. Moreover the Philharmonic for children and youth cooperates closely with the Regional Philharmonic Societies where it holds regular concerts in different regional towns and villages of the Republic of Belarus.

It is to mention that the musical performances appeared in the repertoire of the Philharmonic for children and youth such as comic opera of the composer from St. Petersburg Georgy Portnoy "King sandwich", works of the Belarusian composer Vladimir Savchik "Little Red Riding Hood", "Ugly Ducking", "Thumbelina", "Scarlet Flower". The premieres of these costumed performances took place in the Belarusian Philharmonic Society and were warmly received by little spectators and their parents. Now all the performances are combined in a cycle of musical theater performances for children of preschool age.

Every year the Philharmonic for children and youth holds in the Big concert hall of the Belarusian state Philharmonic Society the New Year's performances for children. These exciting productions have become popular as interesting and animate performances.

Each of the artists has an extensive repertoire and of course not only for children. The universality of the artists is that they constantly perform their solo programs in the evening concerts in the Belarusian State Philharmonic Society and also are invited often to cooperate in the leading collectives of the country.

Acquainting our young visitors with the best achievements of the Belarusian and world classical music, the Philharmonic for children and youth solves today the complex problem to implement the interconnection of the National artistic culture with the artistic and aesthetic education in the Republic of Belarus.

Director – Mazurin Oleg

Phones: +375 17 374 35 86; +375 17 397 47 44

e-mail: kinderfilary@mail.ru