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“Maestro of Rock and Roll”: Denis Mazhukov

Date: 10.12.2023 beginning at 19:00
Category: Jazz

In the domestic musical space, rock and roll, which came to us from overseas, occupies a special place. Music, which originated in America in the 50s, reached our listeners with great difficulty and won their hearts. Among those for whom it has become a part of life, there are those who simply listen, dance and believe that rock and roll is alive. And there are those who do everything possible to ensure that this statement remains true – with their sincere passion, highly professional playing and loyalty to their chosen style.

But even this is not enough to gain the reputation of a true maestro, so far only one person has succeeded in this – virtuoso pianist Denis Mazhukov!

All over the world, he is called “The Russian King of Rock-n-roll”. Under his fingers, the rhythms of boogie-woogie, rhythm and blues and other components of the complex concept of rock and roll come to life.

In 1997, Denis Mazhukov performed on the same stage with the legendary Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis, and later with the double bassist of the Stray Cats, Lee Rocker. Jerry Lee Lewis, having heard the Russian musician play, noticed that Denis played the way he himself played in his youth.

The virtuoso’s performance was also appreciated in the homeland of rock and roll – America. Denis Mazhukov performed in the USA 5 times, giving concerts in New York, Denver, Memphis and other cities. And in 2011, his arrival in America was associated with a special occasion. In addition to the eight concerts that he played there, he was expected to record in the very place where rock and roll was actually born, at the legendary Sun Records studio, where the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, once recorded. and also BB King, Jerry Lee Lewis and many others began their careers there. Together with local musicians, Denis Mazhukov recorded three songs, two of which were his own compositions...

It is not surprising that a man so deeply immersed in the atmosphere of the original rock and roll has a good idea of how to express its essence for his listeners. His concerts, which give a powerful charge of unbridled energy, are attended by both those who simply love this kind of music and those who professionally perform rock and roll. Here you can hear everything: the famous hits of legendary stars – Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, Ray Charles and many others. The musician does not ignore the songs of lesser-known authors, making his programs diverse and multifaceted. And, of course, Denis Mazhukov presents his own compositions to his listeners.

But no matter what his fingers quickly fly across the keys, the most important thing that everyone who comes to his concerts feels is passion and authenticity, without which there can be no true rock and roll.


«Маэстро рок-н-ролла»: Денис Мажуков